Epparel is an entirely eco friendly company created in 2018. Here at Epparel we are striving to create a new outlook on recycled clothing and accessories. We provide comfortable, yet fashionable clothes that are entirely made out of all natural substances and other recycled materials. When you buy Epparel's products you don't need to worry about your clothes ending up in a landfill or polluting the ocean. We strive to help save our Earth, by offering mission trips to clean up along our coastlines we not only are saving our ONLY planet, we are making our customers clothes that embrace the entire goal of cleaning up our world!

What makes Epparel the best fit for you? Epparel offers a large variety of products to fill every clients needs. Here at Epparel, many of our products are handmade, guranteeing your satisfaction and providing a unique product for each person. We also like to provide an unforgettable experience for our customers by offering Mission Trips, these are trips around the world we will be hosting to provide communities that need help cleaning up the help and resources they need to build a clean and more nature friendly world. By supporting and buying from Epparel a part of our profits goes to the "Ocean Clean Up" orginization. 


By supporting our company you are contributing to saving our very own Earth. Every purchase matters. There is no Planet B. 

~Team Epparel